Photo: Marcel van Regeneren Altena

What's it like being part of Bendigo's bushland? People's experiences of the Bendigo bush are as varied as the forests that surrounds them.

Our Bushland Stories were largely delivered by RMIT student Marcel van Regeneren Altena, who sought out people with interesting stories to tell about Bendigo's local bushland.

Marcel interviewed each storyteller, and used their stories to produce seven short films.


Bob Dean

Bob Dean is a former forestry foreman who used to ride his pushbike 25 miles to work in the Kamarooka Forest, near Bendigo. His story is part of our 'Bushland Stories' series.

Nicole Howie

Nicole is a hard-working, inspirational advocate for the environment. She is involved in many different programs and committees, with a particular interest in integrating nature-based activities into early childhood education. She reflects on her upbringing in the Bendigo bushland near Huntley.

Andrew Cameron

Andrew Cameron is a member of the Bendigo Orienteers. From his early days the bush has been an important part of his life, spending time there with his dad and grandfather. He reckons every kid should have the opportunity to make that part of their lives.

Annabelle and Bree

Annabelle and Bree are currently second year students studying Outdoor Education at La Trobe University in Bendigo. Annabelle moved here for her studies, while Bree has always lived in the region with her father.