Spring is perfect for enjoying Bendigo's Box-Ironbark forests in flower, although all seasons have their special attractions.



We are fortunate to have a variety of beautiful natural parks and reserves in Bendigo and many opportunities for nature and sporting activities. 

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Getting out is a great way to discover the bush next door, our Natural Treasures map has some great trails to explore. 


Loving it to death

While it is wonderful to explore nature, it is important to do so responsibly. Some of our most popular areas suffer from overuse and illegal activities such as littering and firewood collection.

These activities threaten sensitive plants and animals and can quickly degrade the local environment.

Creating new tracks for vehicles, bikes or walking has serious impacts in bushland areas, destroying delicate understorey plants such as orchids or leaving them vulnerable to weed invasion. 

What CAN I DO?

  • Keep to formed tracks and take note of ‘no access’ signs. This will help protect important habitat.
  • Avoid taking your pet into sensitive areas, especially if they are declared no pet zones. Where dogs are permitted, remember to keep them on-leash at all times and to dispose of their waste thoughtfully. 
  • Do not collect firewood, rocks or parts of plants. These are important homes and sources of food for insects, birds and reptiles. 
  • Do not touch or capture wild animals. They are delicate and will not survive in your home or garden.
  • Collect rubbish and take it home with you. Even food scraps can make animals sick or spread weeds.
  • Call the land manager to report any problems. See the handy contacts and resources section at the back of this book for contact numbers.
  • Learn about your local groups and get involved! Explore Bendigo’s bushland whenever you can – with family and friends, with a group or enjoy it on your own!
  • Make sure your clothes and gear are weed seed free. If you see a new weed in an area, take a photo and report it. If you are sure it is a weed, pull it out!