Photo: City of Greater Bendigo

You love your pets and they naturally become part of the family. The safest place for them is on your property.


Protect your pet

Pets roaming freely in bushland areas and near roads are at greater risk of being injured or killed.  Pets that are kept indoors, contained in runs or walked on leashes generally live longer and healthier lives. Ensure reptiles, birds and fish do not escape and potentially become invasive species.  


Protect our wildlife

Pets are particularly threatening to smaller mammals, reptiles, birds and frogs. 
Keep dogs on a lead during their walk unless in a designated off-leash area. A dog’s scent can frighten and disturb wildlife. Pets are also perfect carriers for diseases and weed seeds, which can become caught in fur. 

Some more exotic pets like reptiles or fish can be highly disruptive or predatory to native plants and animals if they escape or are released into the wild.  


WHERE to exercise your dog in Bendigo

Bendigo has a number of safe places where you can exercise your dog off-leash. Visit and search for places to exercise your dog. 

What CAN I dO?

  • Walk dogs on a leash, except in designated dog parks or off-leash areas. 
  • Remember to take a bag and dispose of dog waste thoughtfully.
  • Keep your cat indoors and in your backyard by building a cat run or installing floppy fence tops. Visit the RSPCA website for DIY options or see  our handy contacts section at the back of this book for a list of providers.
  • You can borrow humane trigger plate animal traps and report wandering pets to the City of Greater Bendigo’s Parking and Animal Services, visit or phone 5434 6000. If the animal is a pet, its microchip can be scanned and the owner will be contacted to take it home. If it is a stray, it will have the opportunity to be re-housed. 
  • Never dispose of exotic animals in the wild. Bury dead pets at home.